Hi guys,

So end of year examinations are coming soon, like 4-5 weeks? If you ask me, I am not prepared. Like TOTALLY. Okay maybe a little, as I started my revision for History which is good so I can be done with all the memorising things. I don’t get it, WHY MUST WE LEARN ABOUT HITLER AND STALIN. They are bad examples, and my parents always taught me not to learn the bad things so??

Anyway my common tests were not as good as I expected. I’m kind of disappointed? I mean, it’s like okay nevermind, I totally deserve those results as I only started studying for the examinations 3 days before the papers. I MEAN WHO HAS THE RIGHTS TO SAY ABOUT THEIR RESULTS NOW RIGHT.

Oh and I have a burning question to ask like why are examinations so important? I mean, why do papers and numbers determine our future? Not everyone is good in studying. I know, some people ought to disagree, saying people can be hardworking and study hard and do well for their examination. Not only that people can be rich and their parents can bring them to overseas and study or probably the child can just fail every exam but he/she can still take over the family’s business. Some other people would be born smart, which is unfair?? Another type of people would be they have really good memory, therefore they can easily do well. How about me?? The type of people who is lazy (oops), do not have a good memory, not born smart AND NOT RICH?

I mean like those ambitious people who knows what they want to do in the future, but not smart or anything. I’m pretty sure there is someone out there who understands me. So if I am not smart, I will fail my examinations, and would not be able to achieve my goal. But others who are born smart? They can be as lazy as heck, and no one cares because EVERYONE knows that they will still do well and get whatever they want. People who have the money? Well let’s just say that they can be a gangster, an alcoholic, a failure, but when they grow older they would take over their family’s business or go to overseas and study in university. By the way, studying in a university at overseas, you practically don’t need any qualifications or anything (unless you’re under scholarship??) but you just need the money. Yes that’s right.

So what about people like me?? Where do I go? I can’t just give up on my dreams of whatever I want to become in the future. (For your information, I want to be an interior designer in the future) That’s a bad news for people like me I guess, we just have to force ourselves to study even though we hate it. I mean isn’t it unfair? The people who are born smart can just go to the arcade and play all day long until like 5 minutes before the exams, and just briefly read everything to refresh their memory and just sit for the exact same paper as us AND DO SO WELL. I mean, those BORN SMART people should be taking a different paper from us, a paper which is TEN TIMES HARDER THAN OURS, so that it’s more fair to us? I don’t know about you guys, but to me YES THAT SHOULD BE THE WAY.

But oh well, it’s reality, everyone is treated ‘fairly’ and there are no ‘biasness’. Sorry but I disagree with that statement, every student should disagree with that statement, because I am pretty sure there are some teachers out there, who is super bias (do not want to swear) to some students. I don’t get it. Once the teacher dislike you and have their bias student, you can do nothing. Really, no matter what you do, you will still be that annoying fly in your teacher’s garden. It happened to me before (yup).

Alright this is getting off topic, so to end this, this is the first time I’m using wordpress? The only reason I am using wordpress instead of others, is literally because the themes are like way much nicer than blogspot? (Yes, I was previously using that) So I guess this shall be my new blog? I will try my best to update this at least once a month, as like I said, my end of year examinations are coming and I might be facing a time crunch soon. Oh well, let’s hope that I have some time for this? *fingers crossed* Oh, I also convinced my buddy Herny to create this with me, yay! So I now have a blogging buddy, I am always so lonely.

So what are your thoughts of examinations?

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