Hey guys,

So most of you guys out there are either facing bullies or receiving hate remarks via social sites. For example, ask.fm, twitter, etc. It’s okay, I mean majority have been bullied at least once in their life right? (Lucky for you if you are not one of them) Well yes, for me, I used to get bullied a lot in primary school. My classmates would always blame me for stuffs that I didn’t do? Like for example, ‘hacking’ into someone’s account and sending hate to others. Firstly, that’s super childish and no I would never do that. Some of my ‘close’ friends actually trusted that rumour lol such friends. See this is why I do not like my primary school class. I did nothing wrong, but just because I’m fat and disgusting looking they treated me like that? lol, what a joke. After a few weeks, someone admitted doing it but no one apologized to me. Wow. Such great classmates. Hah. I can pretty much understand how it feels. It’s not nice to be called fat, ugly, not good enough or being wronged for no reason. Yes I agree with you.

In fact, just recently, I felt as if I was not good enough to be the vice-president of Media Innovation. Why? Criticism from a senior. Words hurt. I ought to agree. But this is life I guess, it’s never fair. People out there, if you ever had remarks from people saying you are not good enough, DO NOT feel that way. I know it’s hard, I totally understand how it feels. Even so, you can share with your friends, your seniors, your teachers or even your parents. Most of them are always here for you and you could share with them your sorrows. Not only that, but do not self harm okay? I don’t think it’s worth it to actually lose your blood and have a scar on pretty skin for some idiots. I would rather donate the blood to the hospital or something. Look the point is, you should never resort to self harm even if you get bullied. There is always a way out in everything. Sometimes the solutions may be limited but never stop looking out for the rainbow. If there is no rain, there will never be a rainbow. If you guys can overcome bullying, I am really proud of you guys. It’s like nothing in the future can ever bring you down again, as you have actually survived bullying in school which barely has a way out. But you did it.

Never let anyone’s criticism affect you. Haters are going to hate, and that’s something we can’t change. In fact, they don’t know you well enough to hate you, so don’t let them affect you. Don’t let them be able to step over you. That’s just being stupid. Yes I was stupid. Well at least I stopped thinking about it. If they ever do criticize you then just confront them back. Asking them what do they want, seeing you being depressed? Don’t ever bottle up your feelings to yourself and not tell anyone okay? It sucks, a lot. One day, you’re going to explode. Everyone has their limits to the patience and if you explode, I don’t think it’s going to be pretty or handsome.

A note from me to you:

Haters are just trying to bring you down, & they do not know how it feels to be you. They have no rights to be criticizing you, so don’t let their words affect you. You’re beautiful in every way and nothing is impossible, if anyone is bullying you, you can either ask them to stop or tell someone you trust and they could probably help you. It’s okay not to be okay. Stay strong.


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Why hello there, I don't blog much and neither are my content interesting. But I sincerely hope that you find bliss in my blog.

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