Hello, today I would just be typing a short post i guess, the topic would be about being sincere.

I do not like the idea of how when someone mentions about birthday and it means you need to wish that person or buy a gift. Wish only if you’re sincere, buy a gift only if you’re sincere. So what if he/she is popular? It doesn’t matter, you don’t have to wish him or her. You don’t have to do stuffs for the sake of it, it’s your choice, not others so don’t get influenced. You wish them because you want them to be happy on this day not because you’re getting forced. Even if everyone wishes him or her happy birthday you can still be the only one who don’t wish them or get them a gift. This goes to blogging, I guess, I don’t blog because I HAVE to. I blog because I WANT to. I don’t think we should feel forced by anyone. If we don’t want to do it, we simply can just ignore the people. (Unless you are talking about homework, well then you just have to force yourself)

But look, because majority of us do our homework halfheartedly, that’s why our grades for the homework is lousy right? If you don’t want poor results, then work for it, do your homework wholeheartedly instead. If you put in more hardwork, the outcome will be better. Like if you are performing, you definitely want your audience to enjoy your performance right? You would want to hear the loud applaud, standing ovations just for you right? You have to practise all day to get what you want, you can’t just sing without any practise and passion or something and just expect like “oh wow, everyone is going to love that” right? You have to add in hardwork to achieve your wanted claps and cheers. How would you feel if you know that some people are only hopping on the bandwagon and clapping because the others are, knowing that they were not listening to you the whole time. I would feel disappointed in myself because I failed to captivate everyone’s attention to my performance and of course feel a little pissed off because they were not focused on me.

If I do not plan my blog posts properly with many thoughts, many might not enjoy reading it and will not feel interested. Although all I want is to express myself through my blog, but I would also want my readers to feel engaged in whatever they are reading. It’s not nice to ask them to read shit.

I really wanted to get off my chest as it started to annoy me a little, but hey, no hard feelings to anyone out there.


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Why hello there, I don't blog much and neither are my content interesting. But I sincerely hope that you find bliss in my blog.

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