I don’t quite get it

I don’t understand why would anyone want to lie about their life online? I mean, are you not happy with your own life that you have to imagine one by yourself? I don’t even know how they even thought about lying about their life. Do you just question yourself when people ask you about yourself in social media? I get it if you actually lie to hide your privacy, but if you really want to feel protected and safe, well then just IGNORE THEM. Don’t continue talking to them then, what is wrong with you?????

Why would anyone want to lie about their life in social media? What benefits does it bring you? Does it kill if you have to tell the truth about your real life?

I know you want to be “cool” in other people’s eyes, but don’t go to the extend of lying about your whole life? Everyone is cool in their own ways. You don’t have to be like the others to be cool, just be yourself. What’s worse is that your actual real life friends can just expose you anytime?? Then what would happen? Everyone you met in your twitter, instagram, etc. will know that you have been lying to them the whole time. Perhaps, your friends wouldn’t say anything, but I’m pretty sure they will feel annoyed about you at the bottom of their heart.

I have a friend who actually lies about her life in social media, like why would you want to do that? Yes, lie about everything. From your grades, to your friends, to your CCA and your weight? I actually feel so annoyed. It’s like I can’t do anything I really want to talk to her and question her in social media like “I thought you’re from ________ CCA.” I MEAN, if you chose that particular CCA, then be proud of it. Why bother thinking about other CCAs and tell others? Is your current CCA not good enough for you? So what if you have bad grades? I’m not asking you to be proud of it, but if you want good grades, then work for it. So what if you lie? Will your grades improve? NO. Tell the truth, work harder and prove to others that you can actually be better. I rather be friends with someone who is honest than some big fat liar. No my dear, these are not white lies. White lies are really innocent lies that really wouldn’t harm ANYONE’S feelings.

I hate liars.

I know that everyone lies at some point of their life, including me. Yes, but right now, currently, I try my best to avoid lying and be really honest most of the time.

I mean if it’s those harmless ones,  joking ones, sure they’re fine. But sorry if it’s not, and it requires me inside, I super hate you.

People come and go. The friends you make online wouldn’t last too. So what for lie? You’re making yourself the joke.


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Why hello there, I don't blog much and neither are my content interesting. But I sincerely hope that you find bliss in my blog.

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