This is more of a ‘about my day’ & my perspective on volunteering blog post thing ish, umm you will get my point after reading this.

Can you agree more that volunteering is tiring yet fun & interesting? (Note that I typed the negative ‘tiring’ part out first then the positive part, hoping it will leave a positive mark on you.) Like you get to spend your day wisely and productively instead of staying at home and like slacking, wasting your life away, practically doing nothing. Well I don’t know about you, but if I stay at home, I would become the most useless living creature on Earth. I would feel like my life is so mundane and I would feel totally lazy to even get out the house. But because of volunteering, you signed up, you will have that sense of responsibility to leave your house and do something good. So yes, that’s what I’ve been doing lately after examinations. Wow, I have never went out so much before & so far oh my god. Like 10+ stops away from my house, it’s train stops by the way, not some bus stop. It’s so far but it’s worth the travelling. Although I really hope they can have more fun volunteering opportunities for me around my area, so I can save time & money. Killing two birds with one stone here. For students, volunteering can also give us CIP hours, so why not? It’s kind of fun too anyway, you’re like doing something you like for something you need. Okay not really need, like I already reached 100 hours. (170++ hours here) But you know, just do it for the experience sake or something. Besides, by volunteering, you can get to help others? Like younger children, the poor, the elderly, just others who you can help, why not just lend that helping hand to them? Obviously, we have lots of time now, stop lying, except for those who are studying for O levels and for your retest in December, well that’s just sad for you.

Today, 25 October 2014, I went to volunteer at Toa Payoh Safra, basically we just help out in the event and everything and thank God I was in the registration part. It is kind of slacky but hey better than being the game masters. I mean it’s fun, but because they keep bending down & squating, it becomes like a physical training thing. So no, I’m too lazy for that. (Hopefully, I would still be in registration tomorrow though) Not forgetting, the event had like popcorn, cotton candy & a photo booth area. It was so fun to get those free food and free photos taken. I swear it was so awkward because we went to the photo booth area like 3 times, since there were 3 of us and the machine could not print out like the same photos 3 times. So we took a total of 12 photos (4 photos on one photo frame thing). The photos turn out great, but the guy who is taking care of the machine like preparing the photos to be printed out of the machine, WAS JUDGING US SO BAD. He looked at us and like have that scoff-but-not-so-mean look? Anyways, the photos were so cool & fun & perfect & gorgeous.

Like just look at it.

2014-10-25 09.55.17 1_1414245521004

Literally, I look fine for the first one and the rest is just weird because I was laughing at yunxuan.

I ate like 5 small packets of popcorn, yes I do know that’s a lot but I was hungry okay. (OKAY NOT REALLY, more like bored, since registration was boring at the end) Then I realised that I did not really fancy cotton candy? Basically my same point of view towards sushi, like I’m fine with it, but if I can choose to not eat it, I would rather not. Cotton candy is like so sweet yet so dry. (Note that I used the negative part at the end, telling and hoping you would agree with me that it is dry) The event was like from 11am to 6pm? We had to reach there on 10am, but because we were living almost the at the other god damn side of Singapore, we had to like meet at 8.45am which means waking up early. But it was fine, I don’t want to screw up my body clock before school even ends anyway.

For majority of the schools, you guys may be starting your holidays already. Good for you. Well as for my batch in my school, have to go back to school for headstart. That really suck. I mean how can I even remember anything after like 2 months and going back to school. I would totally be so lost and the teachers would have to teach us again???? YOU’RE WASTING EVERYONE’S TIME HELLO. Okay maybe not everyone, just more like, me. Oops.


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