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Hi guys,

So since Christmas is over, it just means it’s only a matter of time before school starts. Well, I found like 2389478 of life hacks in youtube & pinterest, so why not pick a few of the best ones and share it with you guys?

1. Be Organized

This may be hard, but really it’s the first step of keeping track of everything you do. Ways to be organized can be having a kanban board. It’s basically a board that keeps track of what you’re doing, have done or have yet to touch. You can manually make it with a corkboard/whiteboard or just use those online website (if you use your laptop alot).

You can also have a planner with you. Your planner don’t have to be fanciful or anything, you can basically just use your school ones, if they do provide, otherwise you can always use other types like erin condren or kikki.K then you can slowly personalise from there. I would definitely recommend some stationery shopping to do & go get some post its, because literally it keeps me so organized in so many ways. Like if I have anything to do, I can just write on a piece of post it and paste it on the wall infront of me or on my laptop. It’s super useful like I can’t even.

Not only that, you can spend 5-10 minutes a day or a week to clean your area on where you’re working at. Be it your bed, your study table or your room. Literally, just play a couple of songs and during that time, just clean up the area. It’s just 5 to 10 minutes, and you have a better environment to study in right now.

2. Waking Up

Okay this is definitely harder than being organized. Let’s face it, there are always those days that we just need a little more sleep than usual. So here is a tip! There is this application called Sleep Cycle, it’s available on both iPhone & Android, you can set your alarm there and it will track your movements when you’re asleep and wakes you up when you’re at a lighter sleep thing (the more movements you make, the lighter your sleep is). Sleeping early also helps, not because you get more rest but the difference of an hour sleep is alot. For example, the value of an hour of sleep between 7pm-8pm is 7 hours compared to 5am-6am which is 1 minute. Tadah, so I definitely recommend you to sleep earlier, this can give you more energy for the day. These are all not fake though, you can read more here.

3. Studying

Of course, school involves studying (duh) & we all need a easier route in this. Don’t worry, I found some cool tips. I don’t know about you, but I can study better with acoustic music? It doesn’t have to be instrumental, it just have to be hmm soothing? I like instrumental songs though, but of course, not those classical rock (I mean I do like them, just not when I’m studying). To those who study better with music, you can easily go to some music applications, & search for the category you like. I prefer not those with lyrics, I mean like, that is just like forcing yourself to go for a karaoke session. It’s true!!

Oh and majority of the subjects requires you to memorise lots of stuffs right? Well, you can easily memorise now by recording what you want to memorise (NOT TOO LONG) into your voice memo. Now what you want to do is to listen to it again when you’re reading it out loud. This obviously improves your memorising 2 times. I mean you’re listening to it, and saying it out loud. You can also record a whole summary of everything and listen to it when you’re going to school or before an exam/test. This can refresh your memory & yes you might see some improvements. By the way, the best time to memorise is before you go to sleep, like literally when your eyes feel like shutting, on your bed quickly read through your notes, I would normally write them on flash cards or have them printed out, and try to memorise them. The thing is, when you go to sleep, all you can think about is what you have just done before you go to sleep.

4. Study Hacks 101 with Aileen

Like I said, I started this method of writing notes on flashcards. It forces me to have to squeeze a paragraph of words into this small card. To get the best keywords, I have to read the whole chunk of words and summarise it, and to summarise it I have to understand it. So after writing the information on the flashcard, I should have understood the whole concept and this can make it easier to enter my brain. I would then put these flashcards on a flashcard holder thing that I made that I pasted it on my corkboard. How organized.

I’m pretty sure majority of you have heard about Mathway. For those of you who don’t know, it’s just a website that helps you solve mathematical problems, and if you pay a sum of money to them, they will show you the solution to the problem, otherwise it’s just a way to check if you got the correct answers. But why not have an application that is similar on your mobile devices?? It’s more portable hello. Okay so this MyScript Calculator application, available on iPhone and Android, allows you to WRITE, note that it’s write not type, it allows you to write out your mathematical question and it will show you the answer. Again, it’s just answers not solutions. So yes, definitely check that out.

Lastly, Wikipedia. So obviously, when doing research for something, we would definitely go to because Google brings us there. Sometimes, Wikipedia would just give us TOO much information you know, and it’s just too much. When all we want is just like a small part or just to understand. So well, now by changing the first word of the url (for my case is en) change it to simple. Now instead of it is now Just click on the two links and compare the amount of words. Unless well you are doing some hardcore research on history events, well then have fun. Oh and just a small note, not all information in the main Wikipedia is included to the simple version.

Do you know any life hacks?


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