Would you rather

Would you rather be forgotten by everyone who knows & have met you or would you rather lose your memories?


I have been pondering over this question for quite some time now and still have yet to find an answer. To be honest to put it in simpler terms, it’s similar to asking if you would rather suffer alone or let others suffer. How is that so?


To begin with, I believe we do not only leave bad memories with others, but good too. So wouldn’t your loved ones want you to remember them? People would miss having good times spent with you, all the quality time, time they can never retrieve back. Hence, if you chose to lose your memories, there are definitely benefits and drawbacks. For example, people would still know who you are, you will still have friends who are willing to accompany you and be by your side. But don’t you think that that’s kind of a con too? No one knows if you’re ever gonna get your memory back for sure, so what if you don’t? Sure, you may be friends with someone whom you thought you were “strangers” with, but if you are in your close friends’ shoes, wouldn’t you be heartbroken to know that a close friend of yours will never be “back”. If it’s me, I would be reminiscing all the good old days spent together, all the hardships and obstacles that we had to face and yet have overcome them together.


Furthermore, people still know who you are, if you have left them with a bad impression, it’s not going to change. But would you know they have a bad impression of you? No, you wouldn’t. Why? You lost your memories. Without knowing your mistakes, how are you going to reflect your actions? You may even repeat the same mistake to the exact same people again. Deja vu for them? But then again, by losing your memory you actually wouldn’t feel stressed since majority of your problems are gone, the only problem you are probably facing is trying to recall what happened for the past years. I have to admit that that was probably what I wanted in the past I guess, forgetting everything, thinking I will be able to “restart” my life over. But how would I be able to turn over a new leaf, if I can’t even remember my past mistakes?


On the other hand, if you choose to be forgotten, yes it may be kind of sad since no one remembers you, not even your family. Ouch. But let’s think about that in another perspective, although you’re forgotten, you still have your memories. You would know what you have done wrong, and you would then be able to right the wrongs. Am I right? Like legit, I forgot if that’s an actual phrase or something, I remember hearing it somewhere though. But let’s not digress shall we, back to the topic. So yeah, although people have forgotten about us, but we can create new and better impressions on others, or the same people. Isn’t that better? All of your mistakes are kind of considered ‘undone’ since no one remembers it anyway, and you would already have known that your mistakes would hurt some people. So would you still do it? Most probably not. You may be suffering at first, feeling lonely and abandoned and what not. But don’t you see that this can be a blessing in disguise? But then again, these are all just personal opinions, and everyone has different perspectives and I would respect on every point of view.


This post is probably quite random as it just casually popped up into my head while I was about to sleep that night. But I’m glad it got me back to blogging.


Well to end off, I think I can finally say I would rather be forgotten. How about you?


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Why hello there, I don't blog much and neither are my content interesting. But I sincerely hope that you find bliss in my blog.

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