My Study Routine

Hey guys, I’m gonna share with you how I studied throughout my final year in secondary school as we all know that in Singapore’s education system we have to be book-smart to be able to do what we want in the future, WHICH IS RIDICULOUS.

So hopefully I can help you out a little.

I study differently during the weekends and weekdays. On weekdays, as we all have school for about 9 to 12 hours and we still need to complete our homework after school, we have pretty little time to revise. So on days with CCA, I would reach home about 7pm, which is quite late. However, I still had to get stuff done, so I would just sit down at my study area and just complete my homework and try to make notes for things that I don’t understand. While doing my homework, I would also take note of the questions that I’m not sure of and would immediately text my teacher for help if I have their contact number otherwise I would find them in school the next day. I usually wouldn’t shower until I get my revision done, sounds disgusting I know, BUT this was because usually after I shower I would feel sleepy, which would make me contemplate to procrastinating. On days without CCA, I would reach home about 2.30pm or so. Usually on these days, I would slack for like an hour using my phone and just prepare myself to leave the house and study. I would usually go to a reading room to study as the library is usually quite packed and I wouldn’t want to go to the library since I go there on weekends and will not want to get sick of it.


I study using different methods all the time as I’m not sure myself which method I am best suited for. For example, I tried the pomodoro method, which you study for 25 minutes and take a short 5 minutes break, worked but I don’t really use this method on weekdays as I have very little time to spare on studying and I didn’t want to waste much time. Next method was just cramp studying I guess? Like I just sit down and study all the way, it works but like the moment I take a break, WOW I take a break for good. I would lose the studying vibe the moment I take that break, which is bad. Ok and not the last but I also tried the flashcard method, which is good, for memorising and testing yourself the definitions. So, I was kind of stuck not knowing which was the right way to study for me. However, in the middle of 2015, I figured out I studied the best whenever I’m alone as I guess there would be no distractions and everyone has different attention span, so you would either distract your friends or vice versa if you had company. I also figured out that I can’t study at home much, and when I do I would always change my study spot for a new view (?) I AM WEIRD OK. But yeah, that was pretty much how it was so I tend to study outside my house.


For me, the best way to study was to understand the concept and memorise the ideal answers by rewriting it multiple times and doing the same type of questions over and over again. I’m not kidding. For example, sciences has lots of things to memorise and so my weekends are solely for Chemistry, Physics and a little bit of math. That was it. Like on Saturday, I would study the whole of Chemistry by rewriting my notes, redoing my worksheets, doing lots of past year papers and when I’m done, I would go to maths. The next day, I would do the same thing but for Physics. I would really rewrite everything in my notes and worksheet, each and every sentence. But it would be better if you understand the concept! I know I killed lots of trees but it was recycled paper okayyyyy I tried to be as harmless as I could. Moving on. For Chemistry as there would be experiments and steps to memorise, I would make up acronyms using the keywords to memorise as they are short and sweet. For example, one of the experiments (I forgot the name :P) was to like Mix, Filter, Wash & Dry. So, I memorised this by thinking “Mother Father Wedding Dinner” I MEAN, IT’S LOGICAL RIGHT? HAHA so ya, that’s me. For combined humans, when I do not understand how the event started and stuff, I wrote my notes using the Cornell method but I tweaked it abit. I still split my paper to 3 parts. (I would like to use my actual notes as an example but I gave them away) So at the big column on the right you just write your notes but in simpler words but still consists of the keywords. Once you’re done, you go to the column by the left and write a question that you can ask yourself such that you can derive your notes as the answer. Here’s an example, let’s say the factor that I do not understand is “Weakness of LON”.

Weakness of LON

So yeah, something like the above. (I literally went to google and write this down like just for this) Then at the bottom of the page in the last column, you just summarise like how you would do so in the normal Cornell system. I felt that this method was very useful in helping me to memorise and understand the concept that I don’t understand. If you still don’t understand anything after this, try reading the full story (if it has), watch a video (if it’s like an experiment and you can watch it), or just ask your teachers to explain to you! They would be more than willing to help.


So that’s about it. Oh lastly, usually before I head out to study at the start of the week, I would normally write a todo list for the week. Like what are some of the stuff I would want to complete by the week. I felt that this method was the BEST way for me to organise and plan my week. It’s super simple. All you do is you write whatever you have to or plan to complete by the end of the week. Then you just split up the tasks into the 7 days that you have. You will find that you would be more productive in work and will have more time to relax. So the rule is when you’re done with the tasks for the day. JUST STOP. Don’t give yourself anymore tasks, you already completed it so if you want to complete more work, wait for the next day. For the time being? Go and have some fun! Don’t restrict your own freedom especially when you have completed all the tasks that you wanted to complete. If you really really really feel bad, then go and read a book! You can improve your english and at the same time enjoy it.


Well, I guess I can now conclude my post, and hopefully these have helped you even if it was just a tiny little bit. If you don’t understand or want more tips, just DM me in twitter, drop me an email or just ask me in! See ya!



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