New School?

Ayee, guess who’s back! That’s right, I mean, who else do you expect? heh alright so anyway, I decided to make a change, I’m gonna make my blog posts really personal from now on.

So basically long story short, I’m just sick and tired of blogging about things that doesn’t mean much to me & all, so yup. Happy or not, I’m still gonna make this blog really personal to me. Probably something that I can look back on in the future and be like, “Oh right, I remembered doing stuffs like that!!”. In the past, I would be typing out posts that are quite personal (for eg, an outing that I recently), however they would usually end up in my drafts as I felt like they were either “not good enough” or “too personal” to be on my blog. But friends, that is gonna change.

Great now that I got that out of my chest, I’m just gonna do a quick update on my life. This year I’m apparently turning 17?!?!?! Like what?!?!? How?!? Everything happened so quickly & my holidays are moving so quickly too. (But well, I can’t really complain since I had about 7-8 months of holidays hehehehehhe) I am pretty excited for school, though, although it starts at like 25 April. Future Aileen might regret saying that sentence but who cares. Soon enough, your girl here is going to study Product & Industrial Design (PID) at Temasek Polytechnic. (Not really) but what!?!? Yes I know, firstly I’m living on the North Western side of Singapore and TP is CLEARLY located at the butt of Singapore & the traveling time is probably about 1.5-2 hours? YUP. But I mean, TP is known for their design courses and I really wanted to study design. So what’s PID? Wellll, it’s something like D&T but on steroids. (& for those lost sheep out there, yes I love d&t)

Oh right, I believe I have yet to say this but I scored 6 points for N-Levels.

What the damn hell.gif

I totally understand HAHAH I was in great shock when I was one of the All-Rounded Students. So YAY!!! But what’s more shocking was my English because I got an A1???!! What even, am I right?? Throughout my whole secondary life, have I ever gotten an A1 for English? Nope. I really really really need to thank Denise who has been guiding me since secondary 2? 3? Well, it all started with me creeping into her DM (YES HAHA I SLID INTO HER DMS) then we soon met & she helped me with my oral & composition, super super extremely grateful to have her!!! Not only her though, Leah helped me with my History SBQ although we barely knew each other so thank you, Leah!! :’) & I’m sorry that you had to read through my horrendous & untidy handwriting ahaha!!! Lastly, I can never forget God. For those of you who knows me well, clearly knows that I’m not a very holy person but I’m definitely not someone who neglects my religion (so I’m kind of in-between), but I do feel that my results were a blessing. Why? Well, I’m neither smart nor hardworking by birth. Hence, God really gave me the strength throughout the year, guiding me & helping me. Thank you, God!! But yup, enough of me, though. My friends oh my god. I’M SO PROUD OF MY BABIES!!! They all did well & we all qualified for PFP!!! (I also need to thank my babies, you know who you are, you all kept me going by motivating me & studying with me, I’m so thankful to have you in my life) We barely managed to go to all of the Polytechnic’s Open Houses though!!! Each polytechnic was filled with so much hype & energy, it was such a difficult choice to make – to leave. Of course, there are times that we have to split up to pairs & see the courses that we want. We can’t possibly all go to each course that we want WHILE facing a time crunch right?

Wait wait I have a photo of us in Ngee Ann!!!

Photo 14-2-16, 9 59 23 PM
Missing Joan 😥 // can we all take a moment & appreciate my white nails & NOT my wall

Oh & you might be thinking, you went to all the open houses AND YOU STILL CHOSE TP?? ARE YOU CRAZY AILEEN? Yes, I still chose TP and no, I am not insane!! You know when you have the feeling or a vibe? I’m not sure what you call that but like when I went to the other polytechnics, the design schools didn’t really speak to me. (do you get it omg I hate explaining HAHHA but if you don’t then well move on) There is sort of a reason I guess, but that would be a whole new post so I’ll leave that for next time. So yeah, you can say that TP spoke to me (SOUNDS SO WEIRD). Anyway, that’s about it I guess, nothing fancy happened during the holidays & if it did, it deserves a whole new blog post to it. But here are some photos for your guilty pleasure (kidding!)


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