Hi guys! I just want to thank all the people that I have met so far in this school, I personally feel that I’ve changed (jk just a little) for the better after meeting some of the most AMAZING souls in my life! I really can’t wait to continue this journey with all of you. As much as I love the moment right now, life goes on and I don’t want life to stop.

So my classmates are just AMAZEBALLS, I’m not kidding, they have one of the most nicest hearts like they don’t talk ill about you in fact they try to help you, LOVE YOU ALL ALRIGHT!!!!! I’m also part of the PFP Ambassadors 2016 in Temasek Polytechnic, where we basically are given this ‘leadership role’ and we plan events for the PFP cohort! This was actually one of the main reasons why I joined Temasek Polytechnic to begin with. So thank you Lord for giving me this precious opportunity!

So when we were selected for Ambassadors, we had to go for a camp, and it was really fun!! Not that fun but you get the point. We managed to bond SO MUCH?! I was really happy because I got to meet one of the nicest people ever like Jo’Anne, E-Vyn, Joan, JUST ALOT. Of course now & then I meet up with my crazy lil asses aka Yun Ying, Joan, Yun Xuan. wew you guys will never be forgotten!!!

Last but not least, I joined Digital Media Crew (DMC) AND I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! They are really nice & outgoing!!! Although I was really shy to begin with but we broke that ice and my seniors are really nice towards me & I just have no idea to say. I’m just so blessed to be here!! Coming to Temasek Polytechnic would probably be one of the best choices I have ever made. My 2 hours travelling time is always made worth every single day :’) I don’t know how my friends made me so happy but LOVE YOU ALL!!!

I’m now going to leave you with some photos, y’know a picture says a thousand words!


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Why hello there, I don't blog much and neither are my content interesting. But I sincerely hope that you find bliss in my blog.

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