A Penny for My Thoughts

What makes life, life? Despite only being alive for 18 years on this Planet Earth, I personally feel that it’s the unpredictable things in life that make life, life. Think about it! When was the last time something unpredictable, impromptu or unplanned came up? Didn’t it make an impact? Especially since you can recall every second, every minute and every moment of it.

Imagine yourself as the main character in a book. No one matters as much as you do. Let’s be real here. Who do you care the most when you’re reading a book? The main character right? That’s why the author only revolves the content around the main character. Remember when your teacher scolded you saying the world doesn’t revolve around you? Yes, it doesn’t, but your life does! You are the only one who can make your own decisions. These are the decisions that are going to mould you to who you are in future. All the experiences that you are going to gain while you’re in the process of it. You’re going to make some mistakes here and there, but it’s ok because everyone makes mistakes.

We’re weren’t made to be perfect for a reason. What would be the fun of life if we were given everything since birth? Just like playing Sims, it gets boring after using the hacks. Sure, you have the money, you have your dream house, you have your friends. But don’t you realise that the only joy is to begin?


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Why hello there, I don't blog much and neither are my content interesting. But I sincerely hope that you find bliss in my blog.

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